Video: Architectural Considerations for the ASP.NET MVC framework

Update (16th July 2008): There’s a better version of this presentation available at

This talk doesn’t actually assume any prior knowledge of the ASP.NET MVC Framework, so it goes through the whole intro at the start (albeit quickly). I then delve into some IoC concepts, and finally mash it all together. The IoC framework used is Castle Windsor.

This was recorded at the VIC.NET usergroup in Melbourne, Australia on 10th June 2008.

You can grab the Windows Media file directly from: (48MB, 47min)

Or stream it from Google Video:

Video: Developing great applications with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX

Here goes my first attempt at putting one of my talks online. This is a screencast from my recent Remix talk in Sydney.

You can grab the Windows Media file directly from: (40MB, 42min)

I also experimented with some online services.

Viddler ( is ok, except that in the standard player it’s scaling my video down which make it very hard to read (not a very good scaling algorithm). If you watch it full screen it’s fine, or you can download the original video from their servers too.

Google Video ( has a massive player, but the resolution is crap. The embedded version looks ok:

YouTube was out of the question because they only support videos up to 10 minutes long.

None of the three services seemed that great. Next up I’m going to try I have a feeling that there’s a reason why they exist …

Update: Screencast seems to be the best (although still not perfect). It kept my video in WMV format which means there was no scaling or transcoding in play. Unfortunately this also means that you have to have the Windows Media Plugin installed. I have a feeling it will host an SWF for me, as long as I make them SWF myself direct from Camtasia. The interface is pretty ugly (shows you success messages in big, scary, bold, red CAPITALS!) .

Mark Pesce to keynote Remix Australia 2008

It was great to see this afternoon’s announcement on the Remix website that Mark Pesce will be taking the top presentation slot.

Mark did the locknote at last year’s Web Directions conference in a Sydney with his “Mob Rules” talk. He discussed some amazing social aspects of the internet and, in a more general sense, the unprecedented communications in poor communities. Over the last decade we’ve gone from more than 50% of the worlds population never having made a phone call, to over half the population now owning a mobile phone. The social impacts of this are quite surprising in ways that people never could have predicted.

I highly recommend watching the Mob Rules talk when you get a chance. You can watch it all online at

He’s an amazing presenter, whos presentation technique reminds me a lot of Al Gore (another speaker I have immense respect for).

I look forward to seeing what he’ll deliver at Remix.

Remix 2008: Developing great applications using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX

Continuing my recent focus on ASP.NET MVC, I’ll now be presenting it at the upcoming Remix conference.

Microsoft Remix 2008 is being held in Sydney on the 20th May and Melbourne on the 22nd May.

My talk is:

Developing great applications using ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX: Learn how to use ASP.NET MVC to take advantage of the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern in your favourite .NET Framework language for writing business logic in a way that is de-coupled from the views of the data. Then add ASP.NET AJAX for a highly interactive front end.

Get all the details from the Remix site and get your ticket soon. ($199 is very cheap for a full copy of Expression Suite!)

‘Twas a cold autumn night …

It was the day after April Fools, and I awoke in the morning eager to iron my shirt and get to work.

I was however distracted by the email waiting on my screen.

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, 2 April 2008 1:26 AM
Subject: [MVP] Congratulations! You have received the Microsoft MVP Award

Dear Tatham Oddie,

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2008 Microsoft® MVP Award! The MVP Award is our way to say thank you for promoting the spirit of community and improving people’s lives and the industry’s success every day. We appreciate your extraordinary efforts in Windows Live Platform technical communities during the past year. Microsoft will soon send your MVP Award gift package. It is our way to say “thank you for making a difference.” You will receive an e-mail message in the next 10 business days that contains your MVP Award gift package shipping information and your tracking number.

On behalf of everyone at Microsoft, thank you for your contributions to technical communities.


Roseanne Stamell, your MVP Lead

Yay. 🙂

Thanks to all the guys in Microsoft DPE who’ve continued to support me over the years. Frank, Coatesy, Fin, Kordahi and their peers. 🙂

The move to Readify

As you may have gathered from my last two posts, I’ve now joined the world of Readify. As of last Monday, I am a Senior Consultant with the organisation.

I’ll be working with them 80% of my time (41 weeks out of 52), and using the remaining time to work on my startups like (also only a fortnight old).

I’m looking forward to my time at Readify as an opportunity to get some more corporate experience under my belt, and get access to larger projects that I wouldn’t have been able to before as an independent. It’ll also give me some more opportunities to present and engage with the community, as well as being part of a great group of consultants who I can call on for help at 3am. 🙂

ReadiMIX Slides, Code and Links – ASP.NET MVC Preview 2

Here are my slides and code from this morning’s RDN session where I presented on ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 that was released last week:

The ZIP is most useful for people who actually saw the presentation, but if you’re game jump in and download it anyway.

And some link love:

Download ASP.NET MVC Preview 2

Official ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Documentation

Official ASP.NET MVC Forums

Because Mitch couldn’t make this morning’s session, I also covered the IE8 bits briefly:

Download Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

Mitch’s blog post about how to implement WebSlices

Mitch’s blog post about two new IE8 activities he has created

I’ll be writing a blog post later this morning that explains WebSlices and activities for those who haven’t seen them yet as Mitch’s posts both expect you to know what they already do. 🙂 He was pretty keen about implementing them in a lot of places, very quickly!

Thanks to those who made it along to this morning’s presentation. I’ll look forward to meeting some more people at tonight’s session. For those who can’t make it, the session is also being filmed.

Any questions or ideas about ASP.NET MVC, IE8 or just in general? Email

ReadiMix: IE8 coolness and ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 **TUESDAY**

As a bit of a last minute change, I’m now going to be delivering tomorrow’s RDN (Readify Developer Network) session. These are free sessions, sponsored by Readify which we deliver every fortnight in Melbourne and Sydney. We do two sessions to make it easy for you to get along – one at 7:30am and one at 6:00pm.

Tomorrow we’ll be conducting a bit of a “ReadiMix” hot on the heels of last week’s Mix conference in Las Vegas. Even with some of our guys still on the plane home, we’ve got IE8 and ASP.NET coolness ready to demo, including live code running in real applications already. (Mitch was pretty keen!).

More details here have just been published here:

Session 1: ASP.NET MVC R2, presented by Tatham Oddie
What is this whole MVC thing anyway? Hot on the heels of MIX08 and last week’s release of ASP.NET MVC Preview 2, Tatham Oddie will demonstrate how to use the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern to take advantage of your favourite .NET Framework language for writing business logic in a way that is de-coupled from the views of the data. We’ll discuss the advantages to MVC on the web, the other frameworks that are available, and build an app with it – all in an hour.

Session 2 (only presented at the Sydney PM session): IE8 and Silverlight Debugging, presented by Mitch Denny
A slew of exciting new features in Internet Explorer 8 were revealed last week at MIX08, including Web Slices and Activities. Come and hear Mitch Denny show you how to implement them into your own websites and workflows. Mitch will also present a quick introduction to debugging Silverlight in .NET – not to be missed!

Get ahead of the pack with primer and in depth technical education from the nation’s technical readiness specialists.

Register now and come say hi.

Still more upcoming presentations

Update 4-Dec-07: The Canberra talks on Dec 20th have been bumped to make way for the Canberra IT Pro + Dev Christmas party instead. The party will be on at King O’Malley’s Irish Pub from 1630 on Tue 11th Dec 2007. (131 City Walk, Canberra City, ACT 2601, Australia). My next talk in the nation’s capital will now be on 20th March 2008.

Through December and January I will be delivering updated versions of my “Utilising Windows Live Web services Today” presentation. It is a hybrid of my Tech.Ed presentation and the content from my Enterprise Mashups talk at Web Directions.

The presentation covers a reasonably high level overview of the technologies that fall under Windows Live, and what APIs you can use to access them. For a welcome change, I actually have really licensing numbers and actually dollar figures to talk about too (none of this “You’ll have to call a sales rep” type talk). Most importantly, it’s all about technologies that are available today and many of which are free too. I’ll also do a number of code demos covering Windows Live Data, Virtual Earth, MapPoint and some ASP.NET AJAX.

Canberra Developer Users Group (Lunch): Thursday 20th Dec, 1230 at King O’Malley’s Irish Pub, 131 City Walk, Canberra City, ACT 2601, Australia

Canberra Developer Users Group (Evening): Thursday 20th Dec, 1630 at Microsoft Canberra, Walter Turnbull Building, Level 2, 44 Sydney Ave, Barton, ACT 2600, Australia

Queensland MSDN User Group: Tuesday 19th February, 1730 for 1800 at Microsoft Brisbane, Level 9, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle St, Brisbane, QLD 7000, Australia

Hope to see you all there!