Video: Developing great applications with ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET AJAX

Here goes my first attempt at putting one of my talks online. This is a screencast from my recent Remix talk in Sydney.

You can grab the Windows Media file directly from: (40MB, 42min)

I also experimented with some online services.

Viddler ( is ok, except that in the standard player it’s scaling my video down which make it very hard to read (not a very good scaling algorithm). If you watch it full screen it’s fine, or you can download the original video from their servers too.

Google Video ( has a massive player, but the resolution is crap. The embedded version looks ok:

YouTube was out of the question because they only support videos up to 10 minutes long.

None of the three services seemed that great. Next up I’m going to try I have a feeling that there’s a reason why they exist …

Update: Screencast seems to be the best (although still not perfect). It kept my video in WMV format which means there was no scaling or transcoding in play. Unfortunately this also means that you have to have the Windows Media Plugin installed. I have a feeling it will host an SWF for me, as long as I make them SWF myself direct from Camtasia. The interface is pretty ugly (shows you success messages in big, scary, bold, red CAPITALS!) .

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