Mark Pesce to keynote Remix Australia 2008

It was great to see this afternoon’s announcement on the Remix website that Mark Pesce will be taking the top presentation slot.

Mark did the locknote at last year’s Web Directions conference in a Sydney with his “Mob Rules” talk. He discussed some amazing social aspects of the internet and, in a more general sense, the unprecedented communications in poor communities. Over the last decade we’ve gone from more than 50% of the worlds population never having made a phone call, to over half the population now owning a mobile phone. The social impacts of this are quite surprising in ways that people never could have predicted.

I highly recommend watching the Mob Rules talk when you get a chance. You can watch it all online at

He’s an amazing presenter, whos presentation technique reminds me a lot of Al Gore (another speaker I have immense respect for).

I look forward to seeing what he’ll deliver at Remix.