ReadiMix: IE8 coolness and ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 **TUESDAY**

As a bit of a last minute change, I’m now going to be delivering tomorrow’s RDN (Readify Developer Network) session. These are free sessions, sponsored by Readify which we deliver every fortnight in Melbourne and Sydney. We do two sessions to make it easy for you to get along – one at 7:30am and one at 6:00pm.

Tomorrow we’ll be conducting a bit of a “ReadiMix” hot on the heels of last week’s Mix conference in Las Vegas. Even with some of our guys still on the plane home, we’ve got IE8 and ASP.NET coolness ready to demo, including live code running in real applications already. (Mitch was pretty keen!).

More details here have just been published here:

Session 1: ASP.NET MVC R2, presented by Tatham Oddie
What is this whole MVC thing anyway? Hot on the heels of MIX08 and last week’s release of ASP.NET MVC Preview 2, Tatham Oddie will demonstrate how to use the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern to take advantage of your favourite .NET Framework language for writing business logic in a way that is de-coupled from the views of the data. We’ll discuss the advantages to MVC on the web, the other frameworks that are available, and build an app with it – all in an hour.

Session 2 (only presented at the Sydney PM session): IE8 and Silverlight Debugging, presented by Mitch Denny
A slew of exciting new features in Internet Explorer 8 were revealed last week at MIX08, including Web Slices and Activities. Come and hear Mitch Denny show you how to implement them into your own websites and workflows. Mitch will also present a quick introduction to debugging Silverlight in .NET – not to be missed!

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