4 thoughts on “New Talk: Your website is in production. It’s broken. Now what?

  1. Great video Tatham, and your thinking behind it is brilliant.

    As an industry, we’re often too focussed on trying to make complex systems bullet-proof from the start, and we end up creating inflexible “black boxes” that are difficult to debug/fix when unpredictable problems arise.

    Richard Cook is a proponent of “resilience” between systems and operations staff. “Dr Cook points out that the lift points identified on heavy equipment need to be used in systems and made visible to operators so they know what’s inside those inscrutable black boxes.” (http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/shows/detail5328.html)

    The more complex and crucial a system is, the more it should be open to operations staff. Counter-intuitive at first glance, but actually very true!

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