Released: OpenSearch Validator


I’ve been doing a lot of work with both OpenSearch and IE8 Visual Search this week. These are the feeds to let you integrate your website into the browser’s search dropdown. Unfortunately the specs are spread across three different organisations (A9, Mozilla and Microsoft) and all rather poorly documented.

We’ve been implementing the feeds on a major e-commerce website, and thus we wanted to make sure we got them right. (We’ll be showing the site in the REMIX keynote next week.)

The solution? I built a validator. As we found new issues, I added them to the validator.

Today I’m releasing that validator for you to test your own sites with.

Some cool ones to check out are:

  •, who has his SearchFrom element in the wrong namespace at the time of writing
  •, who are serving their visual search suggestions with the wrong media type at the time of writing
  •, who are serving their OpenSearch description with the wrong media type at the time of writing
  •, who don’t even publish a feed at the time of writing

Update 7th June 2009: The source code is now published on CodePlex.

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