Custom VS.NET2005 color schemes – they’re all the rage

It seems like everyone’s doing it, so I thought I’d spend some time focussing on getting my own VS.NET color scheme polished off.

While developing the scheme I’ve focused on a number of concepts that I believe in (whether they are right or wrong – I believe in them):

  • Reading light text on a dark background is much easier than doing it the other way around. Don’t believe me? Take a photo of the text written on the base of a light globe while it’s turned on, then try and read the text – it’s almost impossible. Now, invert the colors and try again – easy!
  • High contrast makes reading harder too – pure white on pure black will strain your eyes a lot faster than an off white on a dark grey background. Most people can’t even tell that the background color in the screenshot below is a dark brown rather than a pure black – but it is, and it makes a difference.

If you want to give it a whirl, download the Consolas font then download the .vssettings file. Keep in mind that this is only a v1 – the C# looks awesome, but I’ve yet to format the XML and HTML. Of course, I haven’t even tested VB.NET as I don’t even have it installed! I’ll post a v2 with colors for everything as soon as I get sick of looking at ugly XML/HTML.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

9 thoughts on “Custom VS.NET2005 color schemes – they’re all the rage

  1. Great scheme. But you are right, the coloring of XML/HTML is really bad which makes it pretty unusable in some situations. Especially if you have dark grey text ;-)).

    Let us know when v2 is up!

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