Podcast: Graph databases and Neo4j, with Richard and Carl from .NET Rocks!

Listen to .NET Rocks! #949

This is what happens when you phone me up at 6am on a Saturday morning: you get a surprisingly energetic Tatham babbling about discussing Neo4j and graph databases for an hour. There are even some nice bird sounds in the background towards the end, as they finally woke up too.

We discussed what graph databases are (as opposed to charts!), some domains where you might use one, how they relate to other stores like document and relational databases, query performance, bad database jokes, my obsession with health data (go.tath.am/weight, go.tath.am/fitbitgo.tath.am/cyclinggo.tath.am/blood), the Cypher query language, ASCII art as a job, Readify/Neo4jClient for the .NET folks, and some Neo4j+NewRelic.

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