Web Forms Model-View-Presenter on Hanselminutes

Over the last few months Damian Edwards and myself have been spending quite a bit of time building out a Model-View-Presenter framework for ASP.NET Web Forms.

Until now we’ve been pretty quiet about it all on our blogs because we were busy polishing off v1 and trying to get all the documentation in order. Nevertheless, the word has definitely started to spread as Scott Hanselman interviewed me about the library on this week’s Hanselminutes episode.

Listen to the podcast

Learn more about the library

2 thoughts on “Web Forms Model-View-Presenter on Hanselminutes

  1. Listened to the podcast, it sounds very promising and interesting. I looked into the webformsmvp.com but the demo videos are not uploaded yet. It would be awesome if you can publish some documents or demo videos on how to get things started…

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