4 thoughts on “Vista SP1 RC1 broke my Windows Mobile sync

  1. I just bought a T-Mobile Vario III (HTC Kaiser) and had the same issue. There are some quirks in Wmdc 6.1. Especially if you are using OneCare (like I do).

    OneCare switches to restricted mode (unsafe network) when you plugin your mobile and effectively stops the sync from working. I fixed this by turning of the firewall sync my mobile and then switch OneCare back on again with the mobile still connected.

    Do you know if you ran on Wmdc 6.1 BEFORE SP1? Because it is mostly the upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1 that is causing worldwide headaches:




  2. I’m almost certain I had WMDC 6.1 prior to going SP1, and I don’t use OneCare.

    I’m going to try deleting and recreating the partnership as per Dr. Neil’s suggestion. The phone is WM5 so deleting the partnership doesn’t actually remove any data from the device.

  3. BEFORE YOU DELETE AND LOSE EVERYTHING… LISTEN UP! – you might delete everything on your mobile and never be able to resolve your primary issue connecting, so DON’T do that first, do that LAST!!! Your firewall binds itself to the adapters on your computers, and the secret of the new Windows Mobile Device Center is it makes a little network adapter on your computer, which the FIREWALL will either corrupt, block or not recognize AFTER you overlayed SP1 over common files!

    First, if you put that crappy SP1 on a Vista machine, know that a lot of things will/might happen- as they happened to me on 2 separate computers by 2 different manufacturers and with different antivirus/firewall programs. If you go into Device Manager, under NETWORK ADAPTERS, you’ll see your real network adapters and if you’re running VPN or anything like that, you’ll see that too, but pay attention to “Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter (#2 – X)”. That adapter corresponds to whether or not you have ENABLE ADANCED NETWORK FUNCTIONALITY checked on your PPC (Start-> Settings-> Connection tab-> USB TO PC). If you enable that, your PPC will use an IP of (which should be entered as a Specific IP on the PPC for the network adapter REMOTE NDIS HOST (Start-> Settings-> Connection tab->WIFI) and on the PPC, will show up as as well on your computer, using ports. This is the problem 9 times out of 10, it’s BLOCKED by your firewall, which got screwed up after the SP1 install or the SP1 blew out the old “Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter, which you’ll notice if you have it disabled in Device Manager or you see a number appended to the adapter. If the PPC has the right IP I described, and the network driver is properly functioning in Vista, go to your firewall package and UNINSTALL (best option), Sync the PPC, which now nothing will be blocked, THEN REINSTALL the firewall package with options to prompt you if something is blocked. You will see like 20 prompts from the executables in c:\windows\windows mobile and THAT’S the folder you have to stop monitoring or tell your firewall to allow the applications in. If you don’t, you’ll see RAPIMGR errors in the event log saying “Windows Mobile-based USB device is plugged in but is unable to make a network connection to the desktop”. Anyone with a firewall installed on a PC before applying SP1 should be reinstalled the firewall after SP1 is installed!!!!!

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