Atlas Slides + Demos

I've put a copy of the slides and demos for my upcoming Atlas series at as I usually find that if I don't put them up before the presentation I never get around to doing so afterwards. As I imagine the presentation will evolve over at least the first few talks, I'll endeavour to update the ZIP over time.

The talk dates are:

For details about exact locations (and times where not specified) your best bet is to contact the local usergroup in that city as I still don't know most of the details myself!

There's no talk scheduled for Sydney (my home base) as there have been a number of high quality presentations through the local usergroups on the technology already. If you're interested in hearing the talk anyway, either drop me a line or contact one of the usergroups.

I'll also mention now that I'm going to be presenting at Code Camp Oz this year with an introduction to source control systems. The presentation is in the introductory track, so primarily aimed at people who haven't used source control before, or have only used a basic VSS setup. It'll cover:

  • what are the two different models (checkout-modify-checkin vs. copy-modify-merge)
  • what is branching, merging and tagging?
  • what systems exist and what criteria you should evaluate before you choose one

Update: Sydney has been added to the list.

Update: Added the extra presentations in Brisbane and Canberra, as well as adding some links for the details.

Update: Added more times.

Update: Bumped Sydney to the next month.

Update: Moved Auckland back a day. 

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