I’m in love … with Flock. It’s yet another browser on the scene (just so web devs don’t get off too easily) … but it does have some really cool bits.

It’s not for the mainstream – it’s more of an experiment with the idea of social browsing. It has RSS, blogging, maps, photo sharing and favourties sharing all baked into the browser – not as extensions. Better yet, they’re integrating with existing services like Yahoo Maps, Flickr, Shadows, and del.icio.us instead of rebuilding them all for a small, isolated community of users. The blogging works with a whole range of different APIs meaning you can point it at any half decent blog site and it’ll work.

It’s a basically an awesome rich-client based mashup. Check it out!

It’s built very tightly around the Firefox codebase (and by some of the same people) so it’s not another reinvention. They are intending to maintain a continued partnership, and not a completely isolated development fork.

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