Presentations galore (well, 4)

Well, it’s time for me to hit the road again touting the benefits of Virtual Earth and Windows Live technology.

As a bit of a last minute swap, I’ll now be delivering Dave Lemphers’ session at Web Directions this week.

Enterprise Mashups

Enterprise Mashups are a great way to spice up existing investments in SOA and Web Services with new technologies such as maps and Web APIs. In this session, Tatham Oddie, will demonstrate how you can leverage technologies such Virtual Earth and MapPoint Web Services to build a simple mapping solution for visualising customers… and all in 15 minutes!

Thursday 27th Sep, 10:15am in the Microsoft Silverlight Lounge

I’ve also lined up some usergroup sessions to deliver a slightly tweaked version of my Tech.Ed presentation for those who either didn’t make it to Tech.Ed or were still sleeping off the party.

The presentation covers a reasonably high level overview of the technologies that fall under Windows Live, and what APIs you can use to access them. For a welcome change, I actually have really licensing numbers and actually dollar figures to talk about too (none of this "You’ll have to call a sales rep" type talk). Most importantly, it’s all about technologies that are available today and many of which are free too.

Utilising Windows Live Web Services Today

Windows Live represents a collection of opportunities to integrate with a new generation of online services. This session provides an overview of the Windows Live family – outlining the business and technical advantages, the range of integration options that exist for each service, real world examples and live demos.

Newcastle Coders Group: Wednesday 3rd Oct, 1800 at 9 Denison St, Newcastle West, NSW 2302, Australia

Canberra Developer Users Group (Lunch): Thursday 20th Dec, 1230 at King O’Malley’s Irish Pub, 131 City Walk, Canberra City, ACT 2601, Australia

Canberra Developer Users Group (Evening): Thursday 20th Dec, 1630 at Microsoft Canberra, Walter Turnbull Building, Level 2, 44 Sydney Ave, Barton, ACT 2600, Australia

I hope to see many of you around, with as many Virtual Earth, Windows Live, ASP.NET and CSS questions as you can think of.

Thanks again to Coatesy, Finula and the whole DPE team at Microsoft Australia for inviting me along to events like Web Directions, and their continued support for local user groups.

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