An Inconvenient Truth

I just got home from one of the best movies I’ve watched in a long time, An Inconvenient Truth, and decided that it was blog worthy. Not only is this the first time I’ve ever blogged something like this, I think it was also the first I’ve ever been in a cinema where the viewers have applauded at the end of the movie and stayed for the tidbits throughout the credits.

Go to a cinema, download it, whatever you need to do – just watch it.

One thought on “An Inconvenient Truth

  1. I noticed the sound track is by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (love his music), this guy is in a league of his own, has solid more albums then M.J or Elvis put together. His music is listened to throughout Middle East/Asia countries through his use of ancient Persian dialect.
    Unfortunately he passed away just as he started building a name for himself in Hollywood, first soundtrack he released was the film natural born killers.

    I’ve heard good reviews, better join the crowd and watch it.

    Sonny M

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