feeds.oddie.com.au (update your subscription)

In preparation for yet another blog move (this time to oddie.com.au) I've setup an RSS proxy. This basically allows me to hand out one feed URL for people to subscribe to, while I can move the blog anywhere I please.

While the existing feed URLs will continue to work for a few more weeks, you should really change any subscriptions to use:


Currently I'm just using some funky redirect configurations in IIS6 (that's right – no code at all) however I'm in the process of developing a simple ASP.NET site that will do things like feed merging, stats tracking, and more importantly put the redirect onus on my server instead of your aggregator.

If you want to take a sneak peak at the new site, take a look at the entry page (there are a total of 7 designs – you get a random design every time you load, so refresh a few times):

or the design mockup for the new professional blog:

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